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Sharing is Caring Challenge


Hi, I'm Keith Jack, the new (ish) boy at Neighbourhood Watch Scotland. 

Firstly thank you for signing up to receive Neighbourhood Watch Scotland’s Alerts, by doing so you are helping to make Scotland an even better and safer place to live. Community safety starts at citizen level, “if we all look after each other, we will all be looked after”.

As a cop in my previous life, I saw some magic happen in communities through the simplest of actions, a random act of kindness, a smile, checking up that your neighbour is ok, the small stuff really matters!

Did you know that on average people share ALERTS with 10 other people? We have over 30,000 registered users, I’m not good at maths but that’s a lot of information being shared at a local community level.

We work tirelessly to increase registration, but it struck me that we may be missing our best opportunity – YOU are best placed to tell other people about Neighbourhood ALERT and show them how to sign up.


The challenge?  If we all supported just one person each to register for Neighbourhood ALERTS we will double our numbers, that would be amazing!


The Ask ? Support a family member, friend or neighbour to sign up for ALERT. Let them know the benefits and how they would be supporting “safer neighbourhoods, stronger communities”.


Have a fabulous weekend, if you’re a football fan enjoy the tournament.

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