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Local Focus Hub Meetings

Not quite end of the month but very near to it.


We near the beginning of May which means that Local Focus Hubs will meet in the near future and in this respect just a reminder that these meetings offer you an opportunity to have a say about issues in your area.

Cumbria Police introduced Local Focus Hub meetings across the county as part of Neighbourhood Policing based on guidelines from the Policing College.

The aims and objectives of the Hubs are: 

>     Promote partnership working to prevent anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder.

>     Engage with local communities to proactively identify problem areas.

>     Tackle issues having a detrimental effect on the quality of the community.

Local Focus Hub meetings are held monthly where representatives from a variety of different agencies attend, including Police and local authority etc.

The purpose of this message is to offer you an opportunity to let me know of any issues in and around your community that you feel fit into any of the above aims and objectives so I can ensure they are presented at the meeting for discussion etc.
Please note, this is not an invitation to attend the Hub meeting as any information received will be presented on your behalf.

Any issues relating to litter etc should be reported to your Local Authority

In your responses, please indicate which area you live in so that I can ensure it is presented at the appropriate Local Focus Hub meeting. The purpose of this communication is such that it ensures that Neighbourhood Watch members contribute to community engagement with the Police and other interested Partners.

If you have any specific issues that you feel fit the criteria for these meetings, please feel free to let me know at any time and I will ensure that the information goes to the appropriate agency to be dealt with. You don't need to wait for this message coming out each month. 

I look forward to your support. 

Joe Murray QPM
Chair of Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

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