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Please see below Retail Crime Alert provided by Police Scotland.

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We have been made aware of several incidents where distraction techniques are used to obtain GIFT CARDS by means of theft or fraud.


The modus operandi varies incident to incident, however in general terms, a person(s) attends the store and attempts to pay for a large value of gift cards (usually several hundred pounds).  A sum of cash is handed over which is short by £10/20 for the transaction.  When this is highlighted to the person they ask for the money back to count it themselves. 


Unbeknown to the cashier, whilst they were concentrating on counting the cash, the person has swapped the genuine gift cards that were left on the counter with used or fake gift cards.  They thereafter agree that the cash is short, make their excuses and leave. Leaving the dummy gift cards on the counter.


The person leaves the store with the genuine gift cards and their money.


Please be mindful when dealing with cash sales for a large value of gift cards.

 ·       Never hand over the gift cards until the sale is complete

·       Keep the gift cards safely out of reach until the sale is complete

·       Be vigilant and observe the persons behaviour and hand movements.

·       Report all incidents to the police.


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